06 October 2008

New Hampshire ... How I Love Thee

On pretty much a daily basis I get asked this question ... "Why would you move from Miami to New Hampshire? Most people do it the other way around you know." Well, after sweating for 8 years in Florida I am finally enjoying my first Autumn in nearly a decade. To me, nothing can compare to this season. Dade and I spent Saturday driving through The White Mountains and I got inspired all over again for Fall Weddings. The colors were just incredible and they translate so well into events. I thought I'd pull some photos together and post them for any brides getting married this Fall or next. Enjoy...

Incredible "rustic" venues I adore


rivington hall barn


www.brides.com (all above unless otherwise noted)

Gorgeous Fall Flower Combinations

www.marthastewart.com (all above in this section)


Fall Details

www.marthastewart.com (all in this section unless otherwise noted)

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