30 November 2008

24 Hours in Virginia

Many of you probably know that I've been dealing with a health issue in these last few months. Dade and I have been trying to make some decisions about a cancer treatment now that I've recovered from surgery, and think we've decided on a new clinical trial for a vaccine. Luckily, my DNA typing is a match for it. We fly to The University of Virginia tomorrow to meet with doctor's and plan how this will all work. It's a trip I haven't exactly been looking forward to, but on the flip side I am ready to get going on a plan of action and get on with life. So ... we will be closed down tomorrow, but are flying back at the crack of dawn Tuesday, so if you're looking for me, I'll be emailing you Tuesday afternoon. Please hang in there.

All of that aside, it snowed today. It only lasted a few minutes, but it was our first glimpse of the fluffy white stuff since moving up North, and it was magical.

24 November 2008

2009 Collection

I know I've been a little MIA in the last week. That's because it's that time of year when I try to come up with our new invites for 2009. Between designing, photographing the product and getting the webpages together, I'm a little computered-out. Actually, I'm cross-eyes right now. That said, I'm almost done and the first photos are going online tonight. Here's a preview of "Hong Kong." I'm loving the golden vellum overlay.

19 November 2008

A photographer after my own heart

I stalk photography. The walls of our home are covered in the work of photographers from around the world whom we've been lucky enough to meet while traveling, most of whom shoot their daily life. I've tried to translate this fixation into my job by spending countless hours looking at wedding photographer blogs and websites. Sometimes this pays off with finding images from the wedding of a couple we once worked with, or seeing a new color combination I'd never thought of used in a cool way. It's only once in a blue moon that I get that feeling in my gut that I just stumbled upon something truly remarkable. Meet Eric Laurits...

I recommend setting aside some time, grabbing whatever your favorite drink is and turning the volume up on your computer. Then head on over to both his website and blog. Flip through every gallery, and read every entry ... even the ones that have nothing at all to do with weddings. What I found were images that were emotional, honest and timeless. I also love that his company donates 20% of the profits of each shoot to a charity of your choice. There's no better way to start off a new life together than by giving.

Here are some of my favorite shots...

18 November 2008

New Ring Pillow Ideas

I'm soooo excited for our new silk screening project! As I mentioned in my last post, we are going to start introducing new silk screened items from the sewing center in Phnom Penh in early 2009. I've spent a chunk of today designing ring pillows which will match our invites. Here is a preview. The images will be printed on ivory silk in a few different colors. We'll also be doing some dark purple and cocoa colored pillows with ivory ink on them. If you have any suggestions for combinations, or designs you'd like to see please let me know. We're still very much in the trial and error phase.

14 November 2008

One Year Later

It's been one whole year since we began our sewing program in Cambodia, and the support of all of our customers has enabled the program to grow by huge leaps and bounds. Since we began our collaboration with Daughters’ Day Centre in Phnom Penh, OVER 100 GIRLS have left the sex industry to start a new life. We thought you might be interested in an update on how your money has been spent!

The aim is to restore dignity and self-worth, and to help girls find viable alternatives for their lives. Along with providing salaries in a Fair Trade job, your support has enabled the Daughters' center to expand to now offer:

  • medical treatment within the clinic with HIV testing
  • therapy and counselling
  • community-based accommodations for girls under 20 who want to live on-site
  • a day program for the very young children (usually siblings or children of sex workers) who live in the brothel to provide intervention through education.

So... a giant thanks! I’ve also included a photo of a few of the girls so you can see the faces of those you’ve supported, as well as a few photos of their creations. We will be adding silk garters in early 2009, and are working on silk screened ring pillows to match our invitations!

As a final note, we are trying to gather photos to send back to the girls of their items being used in weddings and other events. If you have a photograph of your ring pillow, flowers or sash in action, please, please email it to us so that we can pass it along.

Thanks again!

13 November 2008

Andrena Strikes Again

So I've blogged before about Andrena Photo and the spectacular images Dina captures, but I was reminded once again why I love scouring her website when I saw Miss Margarita's wedding recap on weddingbee.com today. Holy centerpiece batman! Congratulations on a spectacular event and photos I'm sure you'll treasure for a lifetime!

11 November 2008

The Mantilla

What's more romantic than a mantilla veil? Hmmmmm.... I can't think of anything. The mantilla veil originated in Spain. It features intricate lace detailing and has a very specific placement on the head. The veil is draped over the crown which allows it to fall over the shoulders and down the back. I went with something really simple for my wedding veil because my dress had a lot of detailing, but I've always been envious of the bride who could pull one off. Here's a sampling of some favorites.

First up: Lynn Kiracofe (possibly "the master" of this style veil ... and she also makes tiaras)

Next: Ebay

Etsy store: salchar

Etsy store: honeycombveils

Etsy store: Rohm

Couture Boudoir Contest

For those of you that might be interested, Critsey Rowe of Couture Boudoir is having a contest to celebrate her new website http://www.coutureboudoir.com/. The winner will receive a luxurious Couture Boudoir session to include a Custom Designed Couture Boudoir Album with the session photos. To enter submit a short story about you and your guy - two photos of yourself - your name - location - and phone number to: critsey@critseyrowe.com . Here are a few pieces from her portfolio. Good luck!

10 November 2008

Anna & Sam : Part 2

This reception may be my new favorite, complete with what I'm assuming was an unexpected guest. As promised, here are the images courtesy of Jamee Photography:

Oh... and lastly I found out that the brides' gown was Romona Keveza and the bridesmaids dresses were Vera Wang.

Real Wedding: Anna & Sam

I have to do this in 2 parts because there are just so many pictures I need to post! One of the things I love most about my job is getting photos from couples after their wedding is over. It's so fun to see where all of the things we make end up.

I was thrilled recently to receive an email from Anna, a client we worked with a few months ago, with a link to pro photos taken by the very talented Jamee Photography. The wedding was held at Beano's Cabin in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Anna collaborated with a family friend who work for the Denver Botanical Gardens for the unique table decor. I am absolutely stealing this idea from her. I am in awe of the tablescapes! You'll understand when you see the images. I also love that she took a risk and mixed and matched our designs for the reception paper goods. The results look cohesive and relaxed rather than matchy-matchy. Bella Fiori designed the amazing bouquets and centerpieces. I have no clue who made the dresses, but from the bridal gown to the bridesmaids they are stunning. Congrats on such a beautiful day, and the truly magazine worthy photos. Thank you sooo much for letting us share them. Check out Jamee's blog for more...

reception photos to follow this afternoon...