30 November 2008

24 Hours in Virginia

Many of you probably know that I've been dealing with a health issue in these last few months. Dade and I have been trying to make some decisions about a cancer treatment now that I've recovered from surgery, and think we've decided on a new clinical trial for a vaccine. Luckily, my DNA typing is a match for it. We fly to The University of Virginia tomorrow to meet with doctor's and plan how this will all work. It's a trip I haven't exactly been looking forward to, but on the flip side I am ready to get going on a plan of action and get on with life. So ... we will be closed down tomorrow, but are flying back at the crack of dawn Tuesday, so if you're looking for me, I'll be emailing you Tuesday afternoon. Please hang in there.

All of that aside, it snowed today. It only lasted a few minutes, but it was our first glimpse of the fluffy white stuff since moving up North, and it was magical.

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Jo Ann said...

Rebecca, I hope everything goes well in Virgina. All my best to you! Jo Ann DiGiacinto