28 May 2009

Polyvore Fun

O.K.... so last night Dade went out to pick up our take out Chinese food and since I had a half an hour to distract myself from hunger, I ended up on Polyvore. I guess I'm behind the times because I'd never really explored the site. I did a search for whiteaisle just for fun, and what surfaced blew me away. I can't believe some of the things people have pieced together! Check this out...

For Revan

What Kind Of Love Are You On...

A Polyvore set

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I♥P:Winter beauty

Take A Bow ~Dedicated To nina mini

*Pretty baby*

Storybook Wedding



When you package and ship out some of these items everyday, it's amazing to see them in a different light!

Flower Chandeliers

If you read this blog, I'm sure you've probably been over to Style Me Pretty and The Little Black Book Blog. It's one of my favorite wedding related reads. Today I found the most unbelievable floral photos I think I've ever seen. They combine 2 of my loves ... Spring flowers and chandeliers. How incredible is this?Photos were from Whit and Jesse of Our Labor of Love! Click here for more...

Why I Hate Yahoo

Yes... this is a venting post. I'm warning you now. I have never in my life sent out an advertisement via email. I have never sent out junk mail. Does someone want to explain to me why it is that my email address seems to be blacklisted on yahoo? It's not just my personal whiteaisle account, it's my AOL account and all of the whiteaisle accounts. I get "message delivery delay" errors back, or the emails are just routed to junk or bulk folders.

So.... when you have written me from your free yahoo account to ask a question, and you've not gotten a timely reply, it doesn't mean that I'm a mean person who doesn't care about you. It doesn't mean that we are a terrible company who live to make you miserable. It doesn't mean that you need to say things like "You people will regret not getting back to me! I will post horrible reviews everywhere AND I MEAN IT!!!! (which is what I woke up to today after replying 4 times to this client via all 3 of my email accounts. ) What it means is that your yahoo account is a vast vortex which eats my emails. I can hear the giant sucking sound now. Just a heads up, I'm betting I'm not the only one in this situation so you never know what other messages are vanishing into thin air. Please, before jumping to conclusions that the person you're writing to is intentionally ignoring you, send an email from another account and see how fast you get a reply. AOL and hotmail are free too!

More pretty wedding related things to come this afternoon....

26 May 2009

Adrienne + Vincent

I recently stumbled upon some photos of a clients wedding which so perfectly match my own vision of "vintage-chic" that I had to share! Meet Adrienne and Vincent. They were married last January at Saint Anthony of Padua in New York City, and held their reception at Tribeca Rooftop. Her amazing gown was Vera Wang Luxe (style: Audrey) and the veil ... oh, the veil (as you'll see) was a handmade Belgian lace from Designs by Kristen. All photos are courtesy of their photographer, Aga Images.