04 May 2009

IL-2: Week 2

So sorry for the silence. I know a lot of people have been tuning in these days. Unfortunately week 2 of IL-2 was a lot more of an uphill climb than week 1 was. The side effects came on immediately, and by Tuesday I really couldn't focus enough to check my email let alone write anything. I had a couple of pre-made posts which I had scheduled to go up on the blog instead of updates. I do appreciate all of the messages of support people have sent.

For people out there that are reading this because they are enrolling in IL-2, don't be discouraged. I still made it through just fine. In the end I got through 25 total doses between the 2 weeks. I was just sicker with this second round of dosing. I had issues with my blood pressure dropping into the 70's a couple of days which made it necessary to keep cranking more and more fluids into me to stabilize it. The result is that I felt really weak and was restricted from getting up because of the fall risk. I also had issues with nausea, but really that is par for the course. I am once again carrying around 20 extra pounds of water weight, but it will come off this week and by Friday or Saturday I know that I'll start feeling like myself again. I'm already starting to get my appetite back little by little, and just wait until I post about the amazing dream I had where I was going on a wild vintage gown shopping spree in Paris. I'm designing an invitation around it.

I got released from the hospital yesterday, and today is Dade and I's 7th wedding anniversary so I think it warrants a day off. I'll be back in the office tomorrow for a half day to send out proofs to people who have been ever so patiently waiting on them. Wednesday I'll be back at work for a normal day. Thanks again for all of the support over these weeks. Now lets just keep our fingers crossed that this worked!!

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cHill Weddings, LLC said...

Happy Anniversary! And congrats on getting through week 2. Hope you and Dade do something spectacular. :)