24 November 2009

New Invitation Design | London

It's been a very productive few days around here. This is always our slowest month of the year, so it time to catch up on maintaining the website, take on some new projects and add to the stationery line. I'm excited to have finally finished putting together a lookbook of custom orders we've taken over the years and added it to the website. You can see it here. It was a trip down memory lane.

Next up I've been commissioned by a few clients to create holiday cards. These turned out to be my favorites. I just love this imagery. I've used it before for party invites, and it always look great in letterpress.

Since I've always wanted to turn this image into an invite, I finally sat down and just did it. Here she is...

19 November 2009

New Invitation Design | Bloom

Brand new for 2010... I think this is a great match for an outdoor garden event. It's slightly rustic, but still very romantic.

18 November 2009

Instant Gratification is Back

I don't know about you, but I've always loved a good instant photo. Yes, you can Photoshop your digital image to have the same "look" but I don't know if they will ever have the same feel. Can you join me in welcoming the Fuji Instax Instant Camera? Certainly fun to pass around a few hours into the wedding reception.

I'm on "The Pill"

That's them! 4 pretty pink pills twice a day. I started the new clinical trial yesterday morning, and so far haven't been feeling any side effects. It's exciting! I go in for more scans in 6 weeks and we've got our fingers crossed that we'll start seeing some results.

16 November 2009

Cathy Waterman Jewels

You've probably seen them wrapped around celebs at the Oscar's, but have you ever taken a close up look at Cathy Waterman's collections of rings? The detailing is amazing. They have such an organic feel mixed with a little bit of vintage and a little bit of modern. It just works!

Another company I love who sell rings with a much smaller price tag, but also an organic vibe is Sundance. Check out a few of their pieces for this season...

13 November 2009

New Invitation Design | Milan

Here's our third new design for the 2010 season. I love the imagery. It's vintage, it's lace ... it's got little feathers in it. If only I could find this in wallpaper form.

12 November 2009

New Invitation Design | Twilight

While on safari in September, I decided I really wanted to create an invitation for next season which reflected the night sky. It took me a little while to figure out how best to do this, but I'm really happy with the results. I think this invitation is a little more whimsical than most of our collection, and I can't wait to see the final version printed with litle silver and gold stars.

11 November 2009

New Invitation Design | Los Angeles

I'll be rolling out the new designs for 2010 over the next few weeks. The first was added to the website today. We named her Los Angeles since she's covered with bling. Actually the imagery is all vintage jewelry pieces. I kind of want to wear this...

05 November 2009

I'm Inside My Email

So, slightly random but my face turned up in my email today. When I was a lot younger, I was a model (a.k.a. I was going through that whole... "I don't know what I want to be when I grow up even though I just left college" phase.) I still have my mother agency in Boston, and recently booked a job for Rue La La. Was I the last person to hear about them? I'm pretty sure...

When I showed up there were racks of designer clothing and accessories scattered all over the studio, and I started drooling over the Valentino gowns. It's a giant sample sale! If you've never been to their website, it's "invitation only" but what that really means is that you get an email from a friend, click on the link and join. It's free, and your friend gets $10 credit if you buy something, thus encouraging everyone to spread the word. I tell you, I'm not in this for the $10. I was just really impressed by the bling and the beauty of some of the items they carry and thought you all might find something perfect for your wedding. The catch is that much like a sample sale, there are limited quantities on these items and limited time to buy. A "boutique" is only open for a few days, so you have to snatch things up quick.

How about this Erickson Beamon diamond ring? Was $25,000 marked down to $7,000.

or this Vera Wang bracelet? Retails for $1550, marked down to $400.

The sales aren't limited to clothing and accessories. They also sell discount vacation and spa packages. How about manicures and pedicures for 3 people at Spa Chakra in NYC? Usually $360, on sale for $239...

They have new designer shops opening every weekday online. Feel free to use my email to join up, or ask your friends if they have an account so that you can share the wealth.