28 July 2009

Apparently, I'm a Good Wife

So... Dade had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. In our relationship it's him instead of me that won't disclose his age, and usually he dreads birthdays. This year we'd originally planned to go to New York for the weekend and splurge at a few restaurants we've been wanting to try, but when we started making plans I realized that he just wanted to hang out at home and have some BBQ. Fine by me!

We invited a small group of friends over, dragged out the pig roasting box to make some ribs in, and bought the fight to have playing on the TV (UFC 100 ... yes, I am a girl and I love Ultimate Fighting. Whole other topic.) So when did I earn the title of great wife? When I whipped out the surprise present a couple of hours before people arrived. Meet our outdoor, inflatable movie screen.

Mmmm hmmmm.... that is a 12 foot high piece of lawn art! They're a lot like those inflatable Santa's you can get at Christmas. A fan blows it up. We hooked up our Wii to a projector and a couple of speakers, and just like that we had a bowling alley in our backyard. BBQ, beers, a fire pit and bowling makes Dade a happy birthday boy.

Hot off the Press

My excuse for not posting more often... Here are a few of my favorite invites we've just completed.

Venice in mango and purple

Manhattan in sky blue and plum

Vintage in cocoa and purple

24 July 2009

Please someone post a link to the reception video...

This may or may not be your vision of how you'll enter your wedding ceremony, but it has to put a smile on your face. Happy Friday...

20 July 2009

Emma Cassi

Long time no blog huh? Sorry I've been MIA. I have 2 excuses, the first being that I've been on work overload, and the second is that Dade's birthday was last week. There was a party. I'll share photos tomorrow because I think I have to show the world how I got labeled "the most amazing wife ever." Until then I wanted to post some new photos I found over on Emma Cassi's blog. If you've never been to her site, she is an incredible jewelry designed. I bought a bracelet from her a couple of years ago made of lace and tiny silver beads. I love it! Anyhow... she's coming out with a line of gorgeous headbands this Fall and I thought there may be more than a few of you that would love to rock one of these!

06 July 2009

Tami + Jeremy : Part 2

As promised, here are some reception photos from this incredible event.

Tami's gown : Jenny Packham
The head piece : Maria Elena
Flowers: Bart Krogman from The Daisy Basket in Columbus, Ohio.
Venue: Franklin Park Conservatory
Photography: Red Gallery Photography
Calligraphy: Debi Zeinert from The Blooming Quill
Stationery: The White Aisle

02 July 2009

Tami + Jeremy : Part 1

I know you guys are going to LOVE this wedding as much as I do. It's got so much of that vintage charm we all dream of. Wait until you see the bride's headband! We were lucky enough to work with the bride and the mother of the bride on their reception stationery and were beaming when we saw the results. Take a look at the pre-ceremony and ceremony photos:

Tami's gown : Jenny Packham
The head piece : Maria Elena
Flowers: Bart Krogman from The Daisy Basket in Columbus, Ohio.
Ceremonial Consultant: Bobbie Izeman
Venue: Franklin Park Conservatory
Photography: Red Gallery Photography
Part 2 with all of the reception pics to follow tomorrow...