16 December 2009

We've Moved!

Maybe it's just that I'm an idiot and couldn't figure out how to use blogspot properly, but I've never been able to get things to look the way I'd like to. So.... I've moved the blog to a new domain where I have some more control over the layout. Please check out our brand new site at : http://www.whiteaisleweddings.com/ . I'm still playing with some of the settings, but new posts are going up. See you over there....

14 December 2009

It Runs in the Family

The holidays this year have been a little weird for me. Usually I'm into the holiday spirit on a level that drives Dade nuts. I listen to Bing Crosby all day, have the house lit up before the turkey has cooled off on Thanksgiving, and I always throw a holiday bash. This year... I don't know. Maybe it's just the side effects from the new meds which are slowing me down, but I'm just a little overwhelmed. I feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas are about a week apart. I got an email from a bride last week who said, "Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I tend to get wedding-planning-overload and then I just stop thinking about everything that has to be done for a week or two." That's me! That's my holiday experience, 2009! I've tried to plan the party, but it's just not coming together. I try to shop! I open windows in my browser for 3 or 4 stores, hop back and forth adding things to my cart and then close everything and walk away without having accomplished anything. I have to snap out of it! It's time to get jolly.

Anyhow, one of my go to places (and I'm sure one of yours) is etsy for those unique gifts. Turns out that the love of all things vintage seems to run in my family. My sister has been an avid collector and seller of antiques in the Baltimore area for years. She recently started making pendants out of vintage buttons and has now opened up an etsy shop. For those of you looking for last minute gifts or whimsical bridesmaid accessories, check out her store : Deer in the Headlights.

10 December 2009

Stephanie + Scott | Part 2

As promised, here are the portraits and reception pics from yesterday's featured wedding. How incredible are the horses? All photographs by Sarah Dicicco...

09 December 2009

Stephanie + Scott | Part 1

This event was so gorgeous that there's no way I can pack it into one post. Stephanie and Scott got married last August in the garden of Knowlton Mansion in Philadelphia. The bride was truly a joy to work with, and I must say she stuck with me while I was going through treatment last Spring. I have a giant appreciation for that. Their invites featured a bee on them which was perfectly fitting as they are beekeepers! (Check out their homemade favors.) Their photographer, Sarah Dicicco, did an amazing job of capturing the event. The flowers and gown are stunning, but I think most vibrant of all are the smiles! Wait until you see the portraits tomorrow...

07 December 2009

Jael + Patrick | Keyport, NJ

I'm ready for the weekend! We've got friends flying in from Miami today, and a huge dinner planned tonight. Before I get out of the office, I wanted to share another wedding with you. We were lucky enough to provide some of the reception stationery for the event. Looks like it was a blast! All photos by Davina + Daniel photography.