02 December 2009

White Aisle | Sale

Ready for more excuses? Well, they're actually pretty good this time around! Turns out those little pink pills I've been taking seem to be working. I'm 2 weeks in, and we are seeing tumors shrinking under my skin. Now the race begins.... Can my immune system kill the last cancer cell before my body figures out another way to produce them. We're "cautiously optimistic." Actually, we're super excited. It's the most promising "shrinkage" we've seen.

Anyhoo... one of the side effects I've been experiencing is joint pain. Actually, I can't bend 3 of my fingers on my left hand today. It's been keeping me from typing unless it's really necessary. Thus... the excuse for the poor blogging.

While I sort out the joints, I did have one thing to announce. A sale... We're offering a 10% discount on all thermography invites this month. We're also going to start running a 25%-50% off sale on letterpress thank you notes and imprintable invites in a few days. Stay tuned...


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