02 July 2009

Screw It, We're Going...

After a couple of calls to our team of doctor's in Boston yesterday, the trip is back on... We figure the benefit of having something to look forward to outweighs the potential delay of a couple of weeks in starting another course of treatment. Feel like having a great 80's flashback? How many times do you think I can play this song today?

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Pops said...

Dear Rebecca,

I found your blog through my friend Angelo's. I'm a Stage 4 RCC - 30 months out from DX. You're absolutely right about looking forward to things. I keep plugging along by focusing on staying positive and being around for important events. My first goal was the birth of our first grandson, Henry, in March 08. Then I aimed for my 2nd daughter's wedding last July. Next up was Henry's 1st birthday. In 2 weeks my son gets married in NH and I'll be his best man. Those were the big ones. Since I've run out of foreseeable family milestones, maybe I should plan an adventure like yours? BTW - the lyrics to the song are so profound. I've heard it countless times, but never had it affect me like tonight.

Congrats on your good news. I know it wasn't what you really wanted, but you're heading in the right direction. I also live scan to scan. Every 12 weeks I head over to Dana-Farber. None of us knows what the future holds, so go to Africa and savor every moment.