28 July 2009

Apparently, I'm a Good Wife

So... Dade had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. In our relationship it's him instead of me that won't disclose his age, and usually he dreads birthdays. This year we'd originally planned to go to New York for the weekend and splurge at a few restaurants we've been wanting to try, but when we started making plans I realized that he just wanted to hang out at home and have some BBQ. Fine by me!

We invited a small group of friends over, dragged out the pig roasting box to make some ribs in, and bought the fight to have playing on the TV (UFC 100 ... yes, I am a girl and I love Ultimate Fighting. Whole other topic.) So when did I earn the title of great wife? When I whipped out the surprise present a couple of hours before people arrived. Meet our outdoor, inflatable movie screen.

Mmmm hmmmm.... that is a 12 foot high piece of lawn art! They're a lot like those inflatable Santa's you can get at Christmas. A fan blows it up. We hooked up our Wii to a projector and a couple of speakers, and just like that we had a bowling alley in our backyard. BBQ, beers, a fire pit and bowling makes Dade a happy birthday boy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,

Funny enough, i just went to a BBQ a few weeks ago, where my friends did exactly the same thing: we all celebrated their son's birthday, while watching a movie on the large inflated screen and enjoying good BBQ food: it was awesome!
Anyways, what i really wanted to ask you, is where did you get these AWESOME free standing lanterns?!
thanks! Prisca

Rebecca said...

Hi Prisca,

The lanterns I picked up from www.zgallerie.com. $10 each. They're probably on sale by now since the summer is ending.