12 May 2009

The Pig Roast

This is how my Absinthe Dinner turned into a giant pig roast... Meet the La Caja China cooking box. This is what I gave Dade for our recent anniversary. You see these around Miami a lot. They're used at parties for roasting large, dead things Cuban style. Did I set myself up for my menu to be taken over? Yes. Now all the man wants to do is get a whole pig and start cooking. I quickly realized that Memorial Day Weekend was going to be all about the pork.

We will still be setting up a bar in the barn, and long tables out on the back yard for a sit down dinner. I'm still stringing chandeliers. However... I'll also be fighting people for the pig cheek ala Anthony Bordain. Here is the blank interior of our back barn...

The new, less formal invites...

The new inspiration board

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