07 November 2008

Angels Dreaming

I have secretly been infatuated with a company in Australia called Angels Dreaming for years. I mean ... infatuated. They are an event planning, favor and stationery company with a serious flare for all that is romantic and bohemian chic. I think that their entire aesthetic is as close to perfection as it comes for me. About a year ago I got a call from the owner, Rouba, asking if I'd be interested in designing the new signs for their storefront and working on a logo for their website. I was so flattered! Well, her new website is up and I thought I'd share some of the brilliant highlights! The whole site is just one giant pile of inspiration for me. Take some time and go through every inch of it.


Polka Dot Bride said...
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Polka Dot Bride said...

I knew your blog header looked familiar- I just didn't think that was why!

I too have been infatuated with AD for a long long time- lovely work!- I love what you did!