06 November 2008

The Electoral Hangover

Election night around here was a big deal which I turned into a huge deal when I decided to throw a party. My father has been living in NH with us for the last couple of months working for one of the campaigns and my mother had come to town a couple of weeks ago to volunteer. Our house is filled with political junkies. For months there has been nothing but cable news blasting into our office all day long. So... we invited a bunch of friends (including a few who had very different political opinions) to watch the returns come in. It was tons of fun with way too much food and way too many cocktails, but most importantly it was wonderful to share such a historic night with a group of people. It's surely an evening we will never forget. Here's a photo of my "soap box" centerpiece (yes, I'm that corny.)

... and here's my favorite wedding photo of our new President Elect and the ever-lovely Michelle Obama.

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Nisha said...

The Obamas are By far the best looking 1st lady and President of the US next to the Kennedys and the Clintons, of course! They actually have a genuine yet down to earth professional aura about them!