20 October 2008

Election Party

So this year we're having an election party. I've just started planning it, and while it really has nothing to do with weddings it's still an event ... so I thought I'd share what I've got so far.

The invites went out last week via email. I know, I should be sending paper invitations but I also know my friends and realize after many failed attempts that they like to rsvp by email. This just makes it easier. Here's what I used.

Another great source for images and ideas for election stationery is the all knowing Martha. Her website has 4 downloadable images (one shown below) which apparently were brought to the show by Chris Matthews. How very "Hardball." Click here for more...

Next up is the decor. I spent a chunk of time yesterday tracking down a giant map of the US that has each state as a separate piece. You get to color them in as they go red or blue and then attach them to the country. This is the one I ended up ordering from Oriental Trading:

I also picked up Democrat and Republican cocktail napkins at Buy Costumes, and I have stacks of blue and white plates to coordinate with them.

For food, we'll be throwing together your typical Amrican spread of hotdogs, burgers and lots of beer. We'll also have some champagne chilling in the hopes the results go the way we want. For desserts, I found Eleni's NYC's incredible cookies and cupcakes on Hostess Blog.

While I can't really justify the extra $ to buy them already made, I can certainly make some donkey, elephant and star cookies along with some stars and stripes cupcakes. Here's some of the stuff I picked up at Fancy Flours.

... and last but not least, (and the wedding related portion of the post) maybe I'll have to sport this T-shirt designer by Vera Wang...

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