30 October 2008

My Quest for Holiday Cards

So every year I drive myself completely psycho trying to come up with "the holiday cards." In my head it's as if my relatives are secretly going to judge me if it isn't the greatest card they've ever received. Last year alone I think I went through over a dozen designs, countless hours and spent more in paper materials and postage than it could ever really be worth. I mean, I designed tags to put on gifts for my UPS driver (great guy though.) Why do I do this? Because I have some insane belief that because I design stationery for a living I must make my own cards from scratch. Well... it's been a bit of an overwhelming few months as some of you know and I am vowing right now that I am not doing it all over again this season. That's right... I'm BUYING someone else's premade cards. There are a million cute, unique, well-designed and free spirited options and I am hurling myself at them.

The Contenders:

#1 The Ever-Trusty Paper Source

#2 Looky Loo : Etsy Shop

#3: Papered Together: Etsy Shop

#4: Shakespeare Press: Etsy Shop

#5: Armato Design : Etsy Shop

Decisions, decisions. Anyone have any suggestions for shops I may have missed?

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