09 October 2008

Project Runway's Wedding Challenge

Anyone else watching last night? I have to admit that I agreed with the judges. I had kind of hoped that a certain contestant would be sent packing based on attitude, but it was not to be. Both Jerell and Korto made some gowns that I don't think many people would wear (though I've really loved some of the things Korto has made in the past challenges.) The upside had to be Leeann and Kenley for me. I looooooved Leeann's bridal gown and her bridesmaids dress. I don't usually go for "modern," but that dress moved so beautifully on the runway that it completely won me over.

Leeann's gown & Bridesmaid's dress

Korto's gown

Jerell's gown and bridesmaids dress

As for Kenley, I give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn't intentionally knock off Alexander McQueen. For me you can't go wrong with anything that resembles his latest collection.

McQueen's yellow feather bustier dress

Kenley's gown and bridesmaids dress

Got a favorite?

All photos not labeled from "bravotv.com" are from www.seenon.com. Alexander McQueen photo from style.com


goooooood girl said...

Very good......

the bridal wishlist said...

i loved leanne's dress and bridesmaid dress! it was gorgeous. i think that korto's dress would have been pretty if she would have just left the top plain without the ruffled sleeves. not sure if i like kenley yet. how can you be mean to tim gunn???