10 October 2008

Our Wedding : Part 1

This is a little odd but I realized a few days ago that I've never actually posted any photos of my own wedding on this blog. Actually... I didn't even print our photos until 5 years after we were married. I know... my mother has also looked at me with that same puzzled expression. I love our pictures! I guess my life has been filled with so many weddings over these last years that somewhere along the way I lost track of my own. So, here are a few I just pulled out of retirement.

We got married in May, 2002 in Runaway Bay, Jamaica at a home on the water that had been in my husbands family for many years. Unfortunately it was sold in 2007. Giant bummer! Anyhow, we had a guest list of 65, half of whom were local and the other half traveled in from as far away as Italy. It was a true mix of our closest friends and family. Our photographer was a friend who luckily shot the wedding for the cost of a roundtrip air ticket. I don't think he'd ever shot a wedding before, and probably hasn't shot one since but I love some of the moments he captured.

The Scene at the House Pre-Ceremony:

The Ceremony

my mother and I

my father giving me away

more to come...

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