15 October 2008

Our Wedding : Part 2

Our reception took place in the backyard of the home we were married in. The yard sits right behind the beach. We had long rectangular tables for our guests, and traditional Jamaican food. Our theory was, why bring someone all the way to Jamaica to feed them what they can have at home? Our cake was a rum cake made with local Appleton rum. The music for dinner was a calypso band followed by our favorite DJ who'd we'd flown in so people would dance the night away. (My husband owned a nightclub on South Beach when we met ... the DJ was veeeery important.) The drinks flowed. People did eventually jump into the pool, and we went to bed at dawn. Here are some photos we caught out on the beach before the sun went down...

next up ... everything that went wrong, and the obligatory detail shots

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Polka Dot Bride said...

Wow- I looked at the photo above and couldn't believe it was your bodice! It's gorgeous! I love it- so different but just beautiful!

Congratulations on your marriage- you looked stunning!