12 April 2009

Let's Get This Show On The Road

In 24 hours I start my inpatient treatment for Interleukin-2 in Boston. I'll be in the hospital for a week. Oddly, I'm kind of looking forward to it because if it works, I get to put an end to this ridiculous chapter of my life. I've been trying to pack on pounds these last couple of weeks since I've been told that in the end I'm going to lose some weight (awww.... don't be jealous.) Actually, while I'm in treatment I'm supposed to swell up from the fluid they have to keep you on. I had a dream last night that I was Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory being rolled over to the juicing room. Apparently the swelling goes down after a week or so.

Anyhow... I really won't know how I'm going to feel until I'm there, but I am planning to blog as much as I can. Most of the posts won't be wedding related (though a couple might have to slip in there!) I know this has been primarily a blog linked to White Aisle, but when I was first told that I should do a course of IL-2, I went online to try to find blogs with real life accounts from people who had done this. I couldn't find anything more than a paragraph or 2 and most things were from medical journals. I figure if I can blog while doing this, hopefully other people going into this same situation have a real account of what it's like and what they can expect for better or worse. It's also a lot easier to keep a journal like this one where friends and family can check in to see how I'm doing, rather than making phone calls everyday. It's not that I don't love hearing your voices, (O.K... those of you who know me also know I really do hate the phone,) but from what I understand my energy level may be a bit "limited."

Thanks so much for every one's love and support. Now lets go kick the crap out of cancer!


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

you are so inspirational and your attitude is phenomenal. i don't comment too much but i'm following you and wishing you nothing but the best!

cHill Weddings, LLC said...

Good luck Rebecca! Kick the CRAP out of cancer!

~Alicia said...

I know we have just reconnected. But your blogging is inspirational.. Ill be thinking about you.. And Kick cancers ass!