17 April 2009

IL2- Days: 4 -5

TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!! In ways you cant' event understand. I received my 12th dose this morning and will finish up within dose 14 around 7PM. The next couple of days in the hospital are just to recover. Please excuse the typos. My hand eye coordination isn't really on par right now. Actually, I hit the hallucination phase last night. I dreamt that we were all Looney Toon characters trying to escape from Alcatraz. When I woke up there were little bunnies and Easter eggs all over my walls. Now, as hallucinations go this wasn't a bad one! It did make them wait a few hours to give me my next dose.

I have gained nearly 20 pounds at this point, which should all come off plus a few pounds next week, but I am very much my vision of Violet B. from Willy Wonka. Other than that, the side effects have been tolerable. Yes, I've gotten sick a few times but they were quick and over before I knew it. Yes, I look like I have a sunburn, but so do half the people around here returning from Spring Break. The meds take care of the biggies and I'm, getting as much sleep as possible.

Tomorrow I'm posting a list of everything you should bring with to keep things as nice as possible in a situation like this... and yes, even your dog can "technically " be a therapy pup.

Hope you guys have a great weekend.