08 April 2009

Kali + Gal : Part 1

I have a stunning wedding to share with you guys today, and the bride happens to be a friend. Actually, Kali's parents are very, very close friends of ours. We've traveled around the world together. We actually have known Kali since she was in high school which makes me feel a little bit old. Anyhow ... as soon as we found out that Gal had popped the question we all knew it would be a very special, fun and eccentric event.

Kali chose The Moore Building in downtown Miami. It's an amazing space as you'll see in the photos. They were married in the bamboo garden on President's Day weekend. I've been a long time fan of their photographer, Tony Gajate for years and I think he captured the energy of the couple. When Kali and I first talked about her stationary and I asked her about colors, she said "no colors." There wasn't going to be a theme. No sit down dinner. No wedding cake! She wanted a huge, sleek, hip party and I think she got it. Enjoy....

Her invites (cause I have to give myself a plug...)


More to come...


Buster said...

Wow...some great pics...who is the photographer?

Anonymous said...

Wow, looked like quite a bash. I just figured out that that was Patti's daughter. I LOVe those invites, so sleek and classy, you did well! I'm reading your blog every day now so that I can see what's happening with your recovery, and I'm praying for you and wishing you all the best.