13 April 2009

IL-2 Day #1

It's official.... I'm in treatment. Seems like a giant build up, so I'm glad to have it underway. We checked into my room at Beth Israel shortly after 9AM. I've got TV/DVD ... and most importantly WiFi (whew hoo.) I can blog from bed. Around 10 the nurses came in and did the normal drill: height / weight / drew some blood just to be sure everything was still normal. About an hour after that a surgeon came in to put in a central line. This is a port which runs under the collar bone and is used for receiving the treatment along with other fluids. Having it put in took 10 minutes and was not a big deal at all. A few shots numb up the spot and after that I basically watched TV while it was put in place. Meanwhile I've found out that half the nurses on the floor are getting married this summer. I said we should all get together and talk weddings sometime this week. I'll be sure to share...

Around noon I was put on a steady run of fluids. I'll remain on them until the end of the week to keep my blood pressure up. At 3 I received my first dose of IL-2. It took 15 minutes, and I didn't feel a thing when it went in. The side effects are supposed to kick in over the course of a few hours, but so far the Tylenol and hyped up ibuprofen are controlling things perfectly. Basically, I'm just bored but certainly grateful to feel this good tonight! I'm eating dinner, watching Tropic Thunder and hopefully getting a good night sleep. Dose 2 is at 11PM.

Boring post, I know... but I'm hoping for a boring week!


Aud said...

Cheers to boring! Love you! xoxo

Sherry said...

You truly are amazing and your spirit is inspirational.
Sending you lots of love. xoxo

Buster said...

I LOVE Tropic thunder! And I can totally see you surrounded by all the nurses while showing them pictures of various wedding stuff!

Anonymous said...

Go on..kick the crap out of this cancer thing...I have a tamberine waiting with your name on it!


Roxanne said...

I like boring!!! Glad to hear that its going so well, fluish symptoms seem manageable enough!

Your spaghetti picture is making me SO hungry!