15 April 2009

IL2 : Day 2-3

So, this is what I look like a few days in. I just woke up a little while ago and received dose #6 which is pretty much the half way point for the week. They can give me as many as 14, but most people average 10-12. I'm aiming for 12 and if I still feel well enough will try for 13 and 14. The side effects are getting progressively stronger. I do feel like I have the flu combined with a sunburn, however I'm on Tylenol to control most of that. My main issue today is that my face has swollen up into a giant moon head. I mean, my eyelids are like water balloons, so keeping my eyes open is a mission. I've gained 7 pounds in water weight and it just seems to be accumulating there. What can you do? They've said it may start to disperse a little bit, but in the end it'll be gone in a few days.

Other side effects are a pretty perpetual headache and it's difficult to sleep because people are constantly coming in and out throughout the night to check your vitals. Last night I asked for them to knock me out with some Adavan which really helped. I think that's the plan for every night going forward.

The guy across the hall is also blogging. I have to figure out what his blog address is since he's actually had some hallucinations! My friend Judy said that if I started seeing things, she'd come in dressed like my dog so that I could feel like I was getting a visit from my pups. You see... that's a good friend.

Anyhow, my parents are on their way over and I sent Dade home to get some sleep. I really do appreciated all of the comments and emails that everyone has sent. They keep my spirits high.

Wedding related post to follow this afternoon...


cHill Weddings, LLC said...

You even look pretty when you're in treatment! :) Hope the treatment goes well and the sideeffects don't get worse. Adavan for nighttime sounds like a great plan!

Norah said...

hi Rebecca, it's hugely brave of you to keep this diary, i am sure in many ways it is therapeutic, all the hours of 'waiting' and the headaches.
very touched by your words and sending you lots of good health and strength!

Linda said...

Hang in there! Though I don't really know you, your blog has touched me. I too am sending you lots of good health and best wishes.

disa said...