24 April 2009

The Antoinette Bedroom

So I started redecorating our bedroom a couple of months ago and it's finally come together minus whatever it is we're going to end up hanging on the walls. I took the colors for the room, (grey, eggplant and a slate blue) out of a photo from the movie Marie Antoinette, and Dade let me off the leash and said I could make it "sparkly." I wish I had a "before" photo, but the walls were once covered in green floral wallpaper circa 1971. The floors were covered in wall to wall matching carpeting. The first step was to strip everything out of there and start over. Now I get to wake up under a huge crystal chandelier...

This was the ispiration board I ended up with. Yes, I did order the ship chandelier from Zgallerie.com, but ended up having to return it due to the color and some breakage. I think that the room was actually done on the cheap. The mirrored side tables were $75 each from Target. The drapes were from halfpricedrapes.com and were really my only splurge. I wanted substantial fabric. The bed linens are from West Elm. The upholstered bed frame was made by Skyline Furniture and while it isn't the greatest quality frame I've ever seen, it was under $600 and is the perfect color. The area rug I bought from overstock.com on sale. The "Antoinette Fainting Chaise" is a few years old but purchased from urban outfitters, and the mirrored dresser is from Pier 1. I used extra rows of crystals I had from an old lighting fixture as pull backs for the curtains, and the chandelier I bought from gallery84.com for about $200. The shades are from onthebrightside.com. It's our new love den.

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Roxanne said...

I need your help so bad in decorating our place. Well hopefully we will have a new place soon (put an offer in on Friday!) which will also need help.

I don't know HOW you did this! Its amazing! I have a kitchen table with 4 mismatched chairs - and I don't mean in a good way. Its because i can't decide what we need to buy to replace them!

Best wishes to you on week 2, kick some ass.