31 March 2009

My New Lovely's

I think I could waste half of this afternoon staring at my new business cards. I guess that's why I do this for a living, but I'm really happy with the way they turned out. I'm ashamed to say that I ran out of cards about 6 months ago and even though I print things on a daily basis never bothered to design new ones until a couple of weeks ago. They're engraved in ecru ink on dark espresso card stock. ooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaw. Did I mention that we're starting to offer engraved invitations? I can't wait to start sharing images of those.


Katie said...

Do you offer business card design and print services? I would be very interested if you do... Love yours by the way.

rebecca said...

Hi Katie,

Yes, we do design and print business cards. Feel free to contact me to discuss...