16 March 2009

Luxury for Less?

I've been planning for quite long time on doing a series of posts on planning your honeymoon, but unfortunately haven't found time to do it! I'm not an expert on planning by any means, but I have traveled quite a bit and have always booked things myself. This has meant an obscene number of hours researching hotels, flights, restaurant and things to do. It's meant finding airlines not listed on U.S. sites to get between international destinations, and renting cars and/or drivers in places you want to road trip through (highly recommended!) I have learned to leave travel guide books in the last hotel stop of whichever trip I'm on to make extra room in the suitcase and hopefully pass along some tips for the next traveler to stumble into that room. I've picked up some good, useful travel knowledge! So why am I patting myself on the back? Because today I found a new and useful tool.

Dade and I are planning a trip to Africa this Fall. Why? Because you have to make the most of your time here on earth and neither of us have ever been. Plus... it's a huge planning challenge which is taking my mind off of other little things in life like ... hmmmmm ... medical drama maybe? Just when I thought that there was no way I was ever going to be able to afford some of the incredible, amazing, jaw dropping type of safari experiences I keep seeing in Travel and Leisure, the mighty google handed me this: http://www.luxurylink.com/. Welcome to my 1/2 price dream!

They have all kinds of travel packages on this site which range from the U.S. to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji and beyond. I certainly can't attest to all of the properties listed, but I can tell you that when I took a look at some of the places listed for spots I've visited, they were all top notch and great bargains. They're honeymoon-worthy! I hope you guys will find a great bargain and end up in your luxury cabana with private plunge pool!

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