30 March 2009

The Dinner Party Plan

So a lot has been going on these last months, and for those of you following along I am actually going to be starting a new treatment 2 weeks from today. It's called Interleukin 2 and is kind of like a high dose chemo for us folks with melanoma. If it works, it should basically cure me which would be over the top kind of fabulous! I'll be spending about a week in the hospital, then a week out and then a week back in. These leads me to a question... what in the hell am I going to do staring at a wall for 2 weeks? Well, I'll be dragging my computer in there with me and I've decided the best use of my time would be to plan an extravagant dinner party to host as soon as I'm done with all of this! Logical right? ( insert an image of my mother shaking her head.)

I'll be updating the blog step by step, but my basic idea for the event is a combination of:

  • 20-30 of our nearest and dearest + our big backyard

  • The vibe: I'm aiming for that really amazing outdoor dinner party scene from the movie "Chocolat"(minus anyone dying and the big fire)

  • An absinthe bar among other fun libations

  • A lounge set up in our barn (yes, I'm hanging chandeliers in there!)

  • Dinner on the lawn with a raging firepit nearby

  • Chilled out Cafe Del Mar type of music

  • Lanterns hanging everywhere and maybe some fireworks to oooh and awww at (we live in New Hampshire. Fireworks are really normal here.)

  • Really incredible fresh food with recipes taken from the places we've traveled.
Here's the inspiration board which is bound to change over and over as I get more bored by the minute in hospital.

In case you were wondering, we will remain open when I'm on lock down. Dade will be shipping orders regularly. The only orders that won't be moving out the door during that time are the flat printed orders since I usually print those myself. That said, we've built extra print slots into the schedule of other weeks this month and everything should still be shipping right on time.


cHill Weddings, LLC said...

Your dinner party sounds wonderful! Good luck with the treatments!

Roxanne said...

Over the top kind of fabulous is right, I would love to hear that you are 100%. My thoughts and spirit will be with you!

Dinner party sounds fab, I wish we were closer, I would crash it!

Kate said...

Wishing you all the best with your treatments! I'll be watching for the I'm cured update!

syoung said...

I love you! Hope you're having a fantastic time in Miami. Your dinner party will be quite an affair to remember. I <3 Absinthe... I can't wait to follow your planning!