04 March 2009

The Crappy Post Update

Thanks everyone for all of the wonderful emails. They've been great to read. So, the update... We got to UVA Monday and I had more scans. Thankfully nothing was found on my major organs, but they did find 3 spots which lit up under my skin which needed to be taken out. Yesterday I had surgery to remove 2 of them. The section that showed up on my back ended up being a bit larger and more involved than we originally thought. It included quite a few little melanoma nodes, but hopefully they were able to remove all of it. I'll go back next week to have the 3rd spot taken out which is tiny and shouldn't be as big of a deal.

I am a little sore, but heading home today. I'm just happy that the tumor was accessible and now out of me!! We're going to start talking about further treatment, probably involving radiation or interferon in the next few weeks but I have to heal from all of this first.

I'll be back to work tomorrow. Please hang in there if you've placed an order or are looking for a proof to be updated. I'm hoping to have answers to questions, new proofs made and orders shipping normally by Friday morning.



Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca!
I'm glad your surgeries were successful~! Rest well!!


Jenny said...

I just found your blog today and it's great! Here's wishing you a speedy and serene recovery, and that you're back to posting soon.

perfect bound said...

So glad things are going a little better. Hang in there Rebecca!