01 February 2009

Decorating ... again

I'm not sure why, but it always seems our bedroom comes last on our "to do" list. In our old house, I went for years lovingly decorating every other room and shoving the furniture I'd never really loved into our bedroom. I even ignored the lack of any good lighting in there which for me is insane. I have a self admitted obsession with vintage chandeliers.

When we moved last May it was our guest room that was dealt with first, however I vowed to make our room a priority. Well, now I'm officially on a mission and am in the process of turning our bedroom into a romantic, lush love den. Dade has let me off the leash and has allowed me to go feminine. I mean, we live in a Victorian house ... screw it! So, here is my inspiration.

Not shockingly, I immediately started looking at scenes from Maria Antoinette. I wish I had a "before" photo of the room handy, but the walls have gone from green wallpaper circa 1970-something, to a painted pale grey. My bow window has been draped with these grey-blue silk curtains, and I am eyeballing the ship chandelier daily. I know it's over the top, but doesn't everyone need a little bit of that in their life? I just want to wake up under something sparkly.

I'm also loving this mirrored and flocked wallpaper from Brocade Home. I may use it within a couple of frames as mirrors. For the bed, I'm trading in my old wrought iron frame for something plush and upholstered (the one request Dade had.)

The sofa above (called the "Antoinette fainting chaise" I've had for a few years, so that was another starting point for me. It's available online from Urban Outfitters. Mine is a little more of a smoky blue than the one in this photo.

So the only thing left for me to pick out now is the bedding, and it's giving me some trouble because the set I'm in love with is on back order at Anthropologie until late April. So.... to wait, or not to wait. That is the question. Here are my options.


West Elm

West Elm

As soon as it's all put together I'll upload a photo to see how close I've come to the original idea. So why am I even writing about this on a wedding blog? Well, I've always loved these colors. Greys and blues + sparkle = perfect to me. They just feel vintage and elegant. They've also inspired a new invitation design which will be unveiled later this week. Stay tuned...

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