19 December 2008

ZGallerie Finds

The power is back on! Of course our Internet is not, but Dade has been loaning me his phone to use as a modem so that I can check email and spend time surfing around online trying to finish up last minute Christmas shopping. In my never ending quest for the "perfect" gift, I ended up on ZGallerie's website and found some items I thought could work great for weddings!

The first thing that caught my eye was this centerpiece kit. The bottom and top are 2 different vases that can be used together or separate. You can put fruit, candy or ornaments (as I now have in mine) on the bottom and flowers in the top. Kind of cool! The set is $40, but they'll likely go on sale after the holidays so you may want to check back. One note... they are bigger than you think. I'll take some photos of mine and upload them once I have normal internet next week.

I also love these for people bringing purple into their event:

The apothecary beverage dispenser. Perfect for a signature drink at a casual Spring or Summer wedding, and the best price for these I could find anywhere, $35.

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