18 September 2008

A New Curvier Me?

O.K... so I'm a skinny girl. Always have been. Luck? Genetics? I don't know. Yesterday I met with my new surgeon who is in charge of planning the next few weeks of my life, and he casually slipped in that he "may" need to take out my bottom rib in order to access the melanoma sitting behind my liver. Hmmmmmm..... I hadn't really thought of that, but he assured me this is a rib you can happily live without and many people do. So I decided to do a little resarch just to be sure and it turns out I may be getting a little plastic surgery thrown into this at no additional cost. People actually have their ribs yanked out to get a smaller waist. Who would've thought?

Women who have been rumored to have spared ribs to the goddess of vanity are: Cher, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Racquel Welch, Tori Spelling, Pamela Anderson, Gina Lollobrigida, and Victoria's Secret model Stephanie Seymour.

So is this the silver lining? Well, as I said, I'm skinny. How small a waist do I really want to have? I'll happily keep my ribs if at all possible thank you very much, but I guess it's something to laugh about which is always good in times like these.

So.... the newly updated schedule. We are flying back to Tampa on Monday morning to meet with doctor's that afternoon. My surgery will be Tuesday morning, and I'm being advised to take at least 1-2 weeks off after that for recovery. Anyone want to place bets on how soon I find my laptop and start trying to check my email? I've got $20 on 48 hours. Sitting around has never been a strength of mine.


ClothesOn said...

As far as beautiful women go, I would say you are a VW. I can tell you probably are just by the way you talk about your experiences. Don't get upset until you read my post called, Beautiful Women: Are you a VW? Hope you do well with your surgery.

thatdisneygirl said...

i hope your surgery goes well (and that you end up with all your ribs accounted for!)

the bridal wishlist said...

hmmmm... that's a sucker's bet. no later than 48 hours... lol

good luck with the surgery!