09 September 2008

Back to work

So the trip to Tampa was a success for us. We met with a team of people who we feel great moving forward with, and are now just waiting on their final recommendations for treatment. That should be coming Wednesday afternoon. Until then... we're back to work. I wish I could look back on these last few weeks as if they were a vacation! They have however given me some time to sort through old magazines and ideas I'd tucked away for new designs. In the end we should have some interesting new letterpress stationery ready to unveil for 2009.

One of the things I rediscovered a love for is chinoiserie. Enter the handy Wiki definition... "Chinoiserie, a French term, signifying "Chinese-esque", refers to a recurring theme in European artistic styles since the seventeenth century, which reflecting Chinese artistic influences. It is characterized by the use of fanciful imagery of an imaginary China, and by the attempts to imitate Chinese porcelain and the use of lacquerlike materials and decoration."

Basically I'm infatuated with things that look like this:

Wouldn't it be amazing to have giant silk panels as decor at a wedding? Well, I'm working on invites in this style so if anyone ever does it let me know. Here are some more photos I've been looking at for inspiration.

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