28 July 2008

Looking ahead to Fall

I've slowly started piecing together things for our 2009 line of stationery which we'll have ready to go by mid-Fall, 2008. One of the new things we're going to be offering is DIY invites. Basically, we'll be printing the imagery on the invite, but clients will be able to run the cards through their home printers and take care of proofing and printing their own text. The pricing will be about 1/2 of what our normal flat print invites run (hopefully $2 for an invite, reply card, invitation backing and 2 envelopes.) We're planning on having 6 brand new designs in 4 different pantone colors as well as over a dozen colors for invitation backings and envelopes so that people can really mix and match. Here is a preview of a few of the designs I think we're going to put into production...







the bridal wishlist said...

this is wonderful. these are so beautiful. i will definitely spread the news!

Pauline said...

Hi Rebecca, is it possible to order these prints now? I will do whatever it takes for Mumbai. My fiance is Indian and I'm from Singapore. I'm trying to incorporate as much of our cultures as I can. The wedding is Nov 15, 08.

Please let me know.


whiteaisle said...

Hi Pauline,

Feel free to email me directly at : rebecca@whiteaisle.com for more info on ordering. We will likely begin printing these next week and will have them in stock within 4 weeks.