21 July 2008

The Big Kitchen Renovation

I know I said the next post would be a bridal shower follow up, but instead I give you a totally non-wedding related post. This is where my head is at the moment. So, we moved into an Antique Victorian Farmhouse a few months ago and have had 2 projects going on every since:

1. Build out the old barn on the land to house the print shop
2. Tear down and rebuild the kitchen

Now, it's fair to note that we had not planned to do this kitchen overhaul for a year, but upon closer inspection of what was here found it was a much much more immediate concern than we thought when we'd first walked through the house (aka, the drawers are falling out of the cabinetry and our dishwasher seems to be from 1977.) After a lot of planning, this week we finally started tearing things apart.

We are trying to go from this:
To this:

Uh huh.... big job. Big, big job.
So far, the wallpaper is down, and the base mouldings and walls are painted in the eat in section (not pictured since it's covered in pots and pans.) We've removing all of the upper moulding, we've gutted the cabinetry and hauled out all of the old appliances. Who knew you could save a couple thousand dollars by volunteering to swing a sledge hammer youself? The install job starts Monday and we still have a lot of work to plow through. My arms feel like rubber. We're doing dishes in the shower and eating anything our little pizza oven can cook. Fun, fun... Thankfully we we're invited to a party at a friends house tonight. They've assured us they'll have food and are willing to clean up after us.

Remember this photo the next time you think about remodeling...

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