26 July 2008

Back to the Shower

So I've finally got my inspiration board for the shower together. Actually, it's not so much inspiration as what I have actually compiled so far to decorate the event. Coming up with enough wine glasses and silverware for a couple dozen people has been interesting, but I think in the end we're going to have a very mix and match, Anthropologie type vibe with a tea theme.

I've got my tea tins ready to go for the centerpieces, and smaller exotic tins filled with loose tea to hand out as favors. We're also going to set up a coffee and tea station with an assortment of Moroccan tea glasses. As for bringing in more jewel tones, we're doing a champagne bar with mixers like pomegranate juice set out in vintage glass bottles, and bowls full of raspberries and strawberries to garnish cocktails. I think in the end it will be a real reflection of all the things the bride likes, and really... isn't that the point? I had so many elaborate ideas, but this is what seems to fit her whole vibe and aesthetic. Oh.... and I found napkins that match the invites ... who would've thought?

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