11 April 2008

I Don't Want To Pack Anymore...

The posting has been really light recently because our nights and weekends have been filled with activities such as:

- cleaning out our attic which is currently 100 degrees during the day
(did I mention we're moving North?)
- packing up hundreds of pounds of paper
- updating page after page after page after page of the website with sale merchandise that we can't fit into our moving truck

Will the fun never end?

I knew that this move was going to be tough. It's wedding season and we're basically taking a 1,500 mile road trip up the East Coast complete with our 2 dogs and a trailer full of printers. The thing is, every time I think of our new print shop in our 120 year old barn I get a gigantic smile on my face and I know that this will all be worth it.

Today we hit the 2 week mark, and I did manage to do something I thought was fun.... design our moving announcements. The only thing Dade insisted on was using a bee. He likes that bee image (from our "In the Garden" invitations), and who am I to deny him stationery he likes? Here they are...

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