21 March 2008

My Love of Indian Weddings

For years now I've been in love with Indian weddings. This love turned to obsessions after visiting India a few months ago. This is probably evident in half of the new invite designs I came up with for 2008. Wednesday, we finished up work on a letterpress order in our "Jaipur" style and it inspired me to post some of the amazing images of weddings I've had sitting in my computer for months.

India is all about color. From the bead and sequin markets to the brightly painted trucks on the streets, it's absolutely everywhere you look. Actually, it's pure sensory overload in the best way possible. This is surely reflected in all aspects of a wedding.

all images courtesy of Nirali Magazine

I also recently stumbled upon a wedding photographer I couldn't resist sharing with you. Her name is Dina Douglass and her company is Andrena Photography. Her photos of Hindu ceremonies are vivid, emotional and by far some of the best I've ever seen. Here are a few to feast your eyes on:

How about some of these detail shots from her blog...


bridalwishlist said...

these pics are so amazing.

Wendy said...

I haven't been visiting for awhile, but today is rainy and I am spending time, in between emails to clients, browsing my favorite blogs. Indian weddings are so beautiful! I will nver forget my first Indian bride and how much I learned. the ceremony is so meaningful and the colors are splendid! Your photos are incredible!

Pritika said...

hey! amazing pictures :) i must say i really appreciate your interest in Indian weddings. Wish i had your friend take pictures at mine! :) I am from India and i got married 6 months ago...can't get over the fact that my wedding outfit was good for just one day...lol. I've just started a blog on Indian weddings where i'll be sharing pictures of my wedding and well as those of my friends alongwith the stories and jokes that make the experience so much more real. I'd like to invite you to comment/write on my blog or be linked if you wish so my friends can read more about your experiences with indian weddings.

Eli Silva Photography said...

Amazing! I truly i=understand the excited and fascination that you mention in your blog and I also share it! Every time I'm in an Indian wedding working and taking photograph I always find something new nd fascinating.

Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful images and insights!

Jenily Silva ~ From www.elisilvaphotography.com