07 March 2008

New Silk Flower Colors

There are few things that excite me more than receiving our monthly shipments of silk goods from Cambodia. The young women we've been working with at the sewing center in Phnom Penh have outdone themselves with these amazing colored roses. Currently they're all scattered across my couch, but I figured I'd take a few photos before packaging them up.

These flowers are each handmade by one of the many young women trying to move their lives forward after being victims of sex trafficking. 100% of the profit for this item goes back to the local day center we work with. It will pay the salaries of these girls, and expand the facility to include full time housing so that they no longer have to go back to the brothels in the evenings. This program not only provides them with income, but also a new skill and a feeling of empowerment. It's a first step out of what is an unimaginable life for most of us.


jessica said...

this is really amazing. thanks for supporting these women.

Tara said...

what an amazing endeavor.

and the photo of the flowers in the sofa is amazing.

Angel said...

These are beautiful...such amazing colors, and of course, a great cause.

I haven't checked your blog in a while...good to see what you're up to!

étudiante said...

what an amazing cause! i'd love to find a way to incorporate these in my wedding.