25 April 2008

... and we're off

This morning we stood and watched our giant moving pods embark on their journey from South Florida to New Hampshire. It was pretty crazy to see our entire company being hoisted up in the air and dropped on a flat bed truck, but hey... it's got to get there somehow! Bon voyage printers and paper! We'll see you in a week.

Meanwhile, Pierre decided to put on one last show for us. We hope the new residents will love him just as much as we have...

So we'll be spending a lot time over the next 4-5 days traveling up the East Coast. Anyone have any suggestions of unique or fun things to do on or near 95 North? Good dog friendly bed and breakfasts in the Carolina's? Virginia? Anyone?


Angel said...

I think I'm going to miss pictures of Pierre. I just recently moved offices where I work, and I feel your pain. The worst has been unpacking.

critsey rowe said...

Going throught the Carolinas should be nice...great area!
Hope you have fun travels!