12 August 2009

Lusting For Vintage Luggage

I should tell you up front that I'm really not a girl who goes crazy for handbags. I couldn't name you the brands of most of the purses I own, and the bulk I bought for next to nothing in a market in Bangkok years ago. This also goes for luggage. I buy them cheap and bang them up. That attitude momentarily went straight out the window just about 4 years ago when Dade and I were in Singapore and we ended up at the Samsonite store after having the infamous Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel bar. Does anyone else remember when the "Vintage" line of their Black Label came out? Oooooooh ahhhhhhhhh. I wanted to buy the entire set on the spot, but the price tags stopped me. Even the adorable little retro hat box bags were $500+ and I couldn't figure out anything practical I'd be able to pack in them.

Well, I begrudgingly held out and yesterday, thanks to our nasty economy, I found the suitcase I'd always wanted sitting at my local Samsonite store in Salem, NH for 80% off. It was all alone saying "please take me home." What could I do? Dade told me it could be an early birthday present. I am now a very proud suitcase mama.

I'm not posting about this just to brag about my shopping conquest. I know a lot of you are planning honeymoons, and you may need some luggage. I'm here to tell you to hit your mall because there are amazing finds to be had. The price I got yesterday is half of the best price I found shopping online, and they were thanking me for buying it! I also ended up paying the same price for a piece I love as I would have any normal hard sided suitcase, possibly less. So... I hope this leads to you guys finding a few scores of your own.

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