20 August 2009

Friends and Family Invites

I guess it's probably obvious that whenever one of my friends or family members is celebrating an event I jump in and offer to do the invites. I would be a pretty crappy friend if I didn't, right? I always think it's fun to work on these projects since I know the people well and can often get a little more create with the design. These are 2 invite orders I just finished up:

The first was a variation on our Luxe invites. I made these for a high school friend that I'd lost touch with for a few years. We live on opposite coasts, but we can still chat like we bumped into each other yesterday. One of the things I know is that she loves her pup Leo like a child. I was able to adapt a photo of him to use alongside the "deliver to" address on the reply envelopes. She also needed to bring in something to reflect her fiance's Taiwanese heritage, so we opted for a double happiness symbol tucked into the reply set. The tree imagery was reflective of a drawing her brother had once given to her a gift. When everything was stacked together I think it all "worked" and best of all really reflect the couple and will mean something to them.

The second order is for a close friend celebrating her son's Christening this Fall. She's a super stylish Mom and I think the simple, slightly retro motif (complete with the babies spiky hair) in this suites her perfectly.

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