15 June 2009

My Crush on Teal and Gold

I've been dying to do a teal and gold color combo invite for a looooong time now. I know they're not the trendy colors of the moment, but when I go through all of those saved photos on my computer, I always find a hefty amount of them lean towards these hues. I guess they're what I would expect to see faded on the walls of some incredible French palace. They define "vintage" for me. Well, I pulled out the photos to clear some room on my hard drive and ended up making a new invite design to add to our collection. Meet Antoinette...

My inspiration...

Tim Walker photos

from Vogue (I think?)

Chinoiserie wallpaper

A board I found long before I labeled all of my photos .... very bad of me, but I had to share.

I'll be adding a few more new invite designs over the next week. Hope you like them!

1 comment:

Roxie said...

I totally love it!! I am planning a champagne and lingerie bridal shower for a good friend soon and WILL be ordering invitations from you. This design could be totally IT - sexy, romantic, sultry and great for her January wedding - cool winter colors without being christmassy! (Though I also LOVE the chandelier invitations!)