05 January 2009

The Little Shoebox

Last week I was catching a flight back to New Hampshire after visiting my family in Baltimore for a couple of days, and wound up meeting the owner of my new favorite shoe store, The Little Shoebox. Now I should mention that I'm one of those people who puts on headphones and dreads the idea of someone wanting to talk to me through a flight, but I think Emilie and I just clicked for some reason. We spent an hour flying through a snowstorm, fingers crossed we'd be able to land and talking shop about owning small businesses. Once I got home I had to check out her website! For those brides out there looking to do a dramatic shoe (for the all important shoe shot under the dress,) how about one of these?

Emilie has 2 locations, one in Towson, MD and the other in Bethesda. If you're in the area, definitely check them out! She's running huge sales right now. Send us photos of what you pick up.

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