09 January 2009

Colorful Creations = Cheap, Sparkly Shoes

Was I the last to know? Recently I was browsing the new In Style Weddings, and I stumbled on these ... and the listed price is $70! Huh??? For something sparkly to wear on your wedding day at a reasonable price, these can't be beat.


Anne @ Pink Galoshes said...

Thanks for posting such stunning and affordable shoes!

PixelPerfect.Weddings said...

I love these shoes!!
Great find, THanks!

Roxanne said...

What, 7 years of collecting, and they come out with a shoe issue after I get married?!?!


Shoes were the hardest item for me to find. I ended up just getting some cheapy dyeables and changing into flip flops. It seemed when I was looking, the options were cheapy dyeables (not worth the $50+ price tag) or $300 stuart weitzmans.

Love your blog so very much

Christina said...

I love these shoes but can't seem to find a website that actually sells them. Any ideas where to look. They are not on the colorful creations page.

Maggie said...

hey cute shoes