08 October 2009


4 glorious weeks!!! I can't believe we're back home. I think we covered just about everything we did over on our travel blog, but I've included a few snapshots from our journey below. For anyone trying to figure out a memorable honeymoon destination, South Africa has definitely cruised to the top of my list. If you want any info, contact me anytime for recommendations.

For now, the office is open for business as usual though my brain is still on African time. I was up at 4am and will be shocked if I'm awake past 8 tonight. A new collection of invitations will be unveiled next month with proceeds going towards a couple of NGO's we were lucky enough to find along the way. We'll also be starting a new collaboration with the women of the Masai tribe in Kenya and Tanzania, and will be selling jewelry pieces that they hand craft for weddings. That should be up and running around the holidays.

New wedding related posts coming up tomorrow...

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