24 February 2008

A Sea Of Chandeliers

Recently I drifted on over to the wonderful Style Me Pretty and found myself drooling over the photos from the wedding of Elizabeth Messina. In particular I got stuck on this image:

The question that immediately came into my head was, "how on earth can I incorporate this setup into my daily life?" So... with a little creative thinking I realized that I am going to need to install some lovely lighting fixtures in our new (actually old) barn which will house White Aisle! Why not cluster a group of chandeliers together and hang from the barn ceiling? I ran it by the husband, and he gave me the green light. Now I'm online window shopping, and I've found some great, inexpensive options.

These are available through Spectrum Home. I purchased a chandelier through them once before. It looks fantastic, but it did require assembly which took hours. Anyhow... you can't beat their pricing.

These are available through Brocade Home. They are a bit more expensive, but slightly more modern.


April said...

Wow! I can't believe that I am actually "commenting" on the blog of the owner of White Aisle!!! I LOVE lOVE LOVE your stationary!!! You are so super talented and a continuous inspiration for me!

That is all :)

{sweeter than me} bridal said...

You weren't kidding, the prices at Spectrum Home are really great! I love those chandeliers, they've got such an old world glam feel.